Cyber Geography Research Institute International

Open Collaboration for the Geographic Research of Cyberspace
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CGRII is an all-volunteer organization which aims to explore and define cyberspace via geographic principles. Through encouraging research and facilitating collaboration, CGRII hopes to create a common language so that cyberspace issues and concepts are easier to understand and given greater context in a multi-scalar, spatial, and strategic manner for governments, international organizations, and the people of the world.


We are currently working on projects related to qualitative data analytics, social media analysis, blockchain technology, and data-related issues. If you have any suggestions or want to contribute, please let us know!

Forging Blockchains


Geography for Hackers

CGRII team

CGRII was founded by Joe Blankenship and a team of close collaborators. Find out more about Joe and his research here. Please contact us if you want to know more about how you can contribute!

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Please feel free to contact us regarding your ideas and research!